So. This just about sums up my weekend at Denver Comic Con. Aside from waiting in line for a long time, it was cool. “If there’s anything nerds know how to do, it’s wait in line.”

I started off the weekend with a bit of dumb luck, I won a giant panda bear out of a claw machine at Dave and Buster’s. I never win anything out of those things, I couldn’t believe it! I took it as a good omen for the rest of the weekend.

My Jedi costume went off rather well. It got too hot and crowded to wear the robes for long, though. The Umbrella section at the Con made me cheer. I love me some zombies!

I got to see/meet a few heroes of mine, both in the gaming world and the science fiction world (George Takei, Nelsan Ellis, Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, William Shatner). I find it a bit amusing that I started this weekend with no intention of getting Wil Wheaton’s autograph, but by the time I finished with the panels and all, I was determined to commemorate the inspiration of the weekend.

From tips on bullying, to how to connect to your parents about your passions, to hilarious Cubbie (I hope that’s how they spell it) impersonations, to encouragement and enthusiasm about my world, gaming, I heard a little bit of everything in these panels. I was told that “Denver/CO is the Disneyland for beer.” I lost The Game. Yet, the feeling of the crowd, the patience of having to wait in line with 1,599 other strangers was phenomenal. We’re like one big disjointed family. 

What really, really, really drove it home for me was the compassion. I am so very proud to associate myself with the people that attended this Con. People offered advice, jokes, smiles and helped to entertain while waiting in line. They included everyone around them, they didn’t just stop at the circle of their friends. It’s places like this that I know I can just start talking to the people around me and no one will think it strange, or rude, or creepy. However, that’s not the whole thing I’m getting at. The monumental thing about this weekend is the kid, whoever he is, that handed over his VIP badge so I could get an autograph, because Wil was getting ready to get on a plane, and had shut down his line to regular badge holders (I made sure a couple of these that were already waiting went ahead of me). It must have been the look of sheer desperation in my eyes, or maybe a nudge from his friend, I don’t know, but I’m eternally grateful for his decision. I am doing my utmost to spy out opportunities to pass this kind act on. 

Because of this stranger’s kindness, not only did I get to meet my childhood celebrity crush, but I also got to thank him for his inspiration to me as an adult (but alas, I forgot to remind him about my BAMF comment). I suppose the point of this is, wonderful things happen in my world, and I am so very glad that I am a part of this culture, of this community, of this family. 

I am PROUD to be a NERD. 

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